DonnaBellas Doodle
Random pencil sketches and drawings. Art by Laurel Latto.

Striped Cat Quilt Pet Portrait Drawing
A striped cat is enjoying resting on a vertical and horizontally striped quilt.  Pet portrait was drawn in pencil.
Drawing of two kids sitting on a bed and reading while sharing a bag of popcorn.
Drawing of a girl toddler wearing a long dress over jeans. Art sketched in pencil on paper.
Drawing of a girl holding a poofy cat upside down.  The girl is wearing a jacket, bag, skirt, tights, and boots. Art sketched in pencil on paper.
Pencil sketch art of a toddler girl in a long dress.
Drawing young girl with pony tails and boots comes down a spiral slide.  Art sketched in pencil on paper.
Art drawing of two children enjoying chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate at a street cafe.
Two cats cuddle together their paws as the kitty friends lean on each others like pillows.
Fan Girls in lines at VidCon 2014
VidCon 2014 Stars meeting fans with long lines for selfie photos.
Girls on the Beach
Three girls playing the sand at the edge of the ocean. Three other figures appear in shadow in the distance on the rocks.  Art rendered in pencil on paper.
Baby on the Beach Drawing
Art features a toddler running on the beach towards the ocean waves.  Her shadow dances along on the sand and her tiny footprints are left behind.
Saguaro Cactus Art Drawing
Pencil sketch of saguaro cacti in the Arizona Sonoran Desert.
Two Giraffes Art Drawing
Two young giraffes stand in a field looking into the distance.  Art rendered as a pencil sketch on paper by L. Latto.
Kitty Stretch Nap Art Drawing
Two cat cuddle closely together with their arms outstretched to each other.